re|take1 [ ,ri`teık ] (past tense re|took [ ,ri`tuk ] ; past participle re|tak|en [ ,ri`teıkən ] ) verb transitive
1. ) to take control of a place again using military force:
Soldiers came to retake the village.
2. ) to photograph or record something again because it was not satisfactory
3. ) to take an examination again because you failed it on the previous occasion
4. ) to perform a kick or hit again in a game such as soccer:
The kick had to be retaken.
re|take 2 [ `riteık ] noun count
1. ) an act of photographing or recording something again because it was not satisfactory
2. ) an act of taking an examination again because you failed it on the previous occasion:
I passed the test on the third retake.
3. ) an act of performing a kick or hit again in a game such as soccer:
The referee refused to allow a retake.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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